Monday, July 7, 2008

The Fat Tire...

Oops! Didn't give any Fat Tire info on the last you go!

I have found it, so far, in Publix for resale - haven't seen it in Kroger yet, though. And pretty much most bars in Nashville are now carrying so it shouldn't be too hard to find.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where has the time gone: musings, explanations, and Fat Tire is now in TN.

OK. So here I am. I'm thinking I should probably put this all down on video but at least this way, I can backspace and delete anything odd that I say. There's a LOT of ground to cover and I'm undecided at this point in my typing if I'm going to lay it all out here in one lump sum or batch it out to you over a period of a couple of days. I know you've been absolutely DYING to hear all about my adventures, both good and bad, so get up off the edge of that seat you've been sittin' on, raise your hands in the air, and let's take a little ride!!

So what the hell happened to me?! I've been asking myself that for years now, as have my mom and sister, so don't feel too bad asking the same. But the answer is simple and it's something that's important for you to know, provided you want to continue in this relationship with me: I'm a hermit. As in a really baaaaaaad hermit. I disappear for months at a time and go hang out with DB Cooper, Elvis, and Jimmy Hoffa at a highly secretive undisclosed location. I did re-emerge sporadically to have the following occurrances....ummmm...occur:

1.) I moved. You must also understand as you continue to attempt to define me that I can only do one big thing at a time. Now between selling my house and moving all my crap, that left absolutely no time for Myspace or internet or relationship maintenance or even callbacks. I've taken flak and you can continue to give me flak...but it's just the way I am drawn! It's OK - we'll all learn these things together.

2.) I got bronchitis. For 3 weeks DURING my dang move, I had a beautifully generous virus in my lungs and upper respiratory system that really gave all that it could give. Even Elvis thought I looked like crap...which was far better than how I felt. But my immune system stepped up and finally gave it the ass-whooping that it deserved. BTW, anyone who came out to Judge Beans for those incredible performances at the onset of that sickness, thank you and my apologies! And if anyone got any video or audio of it, please lose it immediately.

3.) I got chi..."Wait, wait, wait, Mason...hold on a sec. What about the freakin' music?! Where's this album you've been spouting about and all this news and 'things are coming', etc, etc?! Get to the good stuff or else I'm going to stop reading right now and will evermore refer to you as Mason Dixon..."

OK, fiiiiiine. Here we go and what I know. First off, here was the plan: enter the studio this week, record 11 tracks, begin radio and video promotion in August, release the album the 2nd Tuesday in October, and commence touring and worldwide domination. However, about 6 weeks ago, the following took place:

My label, Rural Rhythm, has a very developed relationship with Handleman that has been developed over many, many, many years, and simply put, without Handleman, the marketing campaign and distribution plan that we had in place would be tough, if not nearly impossible to accomplish in order to break out a brand new artist. So to play it safe, and in a smart yet disappointing move, the team at Rural Rhythm had no choice but to push back the debut Mason Douglas project with hopes to be in production in October.

My reaction? Well, obviously, disappointing is a less-than accurate word for the turn of events. To be given the opportunity to make my music the way I know it can be made and to finally get it out to you in the way I've always dreamed...and then to have it essentially dangled in front of me for a little while longer is not a very calming effect. I'm an artist!! I want to get it going and get rockin' and, more importantly, I want it on my time frame and done exactly right, dammit!! And it would all be really easy to understand if they'd just see it my way. But I can also fully understand that timing is everything, especially in today's tumultuous musical climate so to have something postponed for a few months for the greater good of everyone involved is not the end of the world. I've heard of some other alternatives with other labels (postponement 'til January, shelving, closing the doors, etc) and I'm also in some very good company, if you check out the RR roster. I'll still get to make these albums and you're still going to get to hear them in time...I just have to think of new and creative ways to keep y'all excited and involved in the meantime!

One way to do that is to contact Rural Rhythm and let them know the sooner the better! Now, I am NOT saying be mean about it - they are GREAT people and really working hard to make everything go as smoothly as possible. But I think they'd like to hear from you and that you're truly ready to hear something new from they're newest artist! They can only hear it from me so many times so maybe it's time to get you onboard. Who knows...

And another way is to just know that I have enjoyed my hermit-ism. I'm doing some traveling, a lot of songwriting, adjusting my life in so many amazing ways (corner me when I'm drunk and I'll go on and on and on about the fulfilling effects of simplification), and still enjoying the "calm before the storm". I have no doubt that a very amazing storm is coming - but until then, it's really good to be right here, right now.

So I hope you're doing well, that you've missed me, and that I do get to see you out there soon. Thanks for reading this and most of all, for keeping with me! Rock on, and happy 4th of July!!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Something funny I found...

To all my friends who in 2007 and 2008 to date, sent me best 'wishes', chain letters, 'angel' letters or other promises of good luck if I forwarded something to twenty other people...

For the rest of 2008, could you please just send money, Wine, chocolate or gasoline vouchers? Thank you!