Monday, August 23, 2010

"My Wild Heart" is beating tonight...

I'm a little nervous and in slight disbelief typing these following words...but here goes:

The new album is here!

I'm SO proud to have this released music released to the world - if I do throw out some of my own hubris, you're going to hear some flat-out awesome music. We worked long and hard, putting together a CD full of something for everyone - lots of country, lots of rock, with some soul and sexy. Music to run to, music to kick by the pool with, music to get kinky's all there.

And there are a lot of you who have been hanging with me a long time and been waiting for it. Thank you!! I can't explain how much that means to me. So now, you can go around your town and see if you grab one in your local stores (if you actually have a music store in your town anymore! Your best bet is going to be Borders...) or you can just click on these links. Have Amazon or Best Buy deliver one to your mailbox or let iTunes pop it right into your computer. Click on the album cover above to go to the music page.


So dare I say it...can you hear it?! "My Wild Heart" is beating tonight!


P.S. Oh yeah...PLEASE get you one! And all your friends. (And all your family...and pets.)