Thursday, April 29, 2010

New site and new music!

Hey guys - super excited to let you know that the new is active! Why did this happen, you might ask? Well, #1, for you now have EVERYTHING you need to know right here at your fingertips and it's easier to find stuff, easier to download, easier to listen. And #2, this format will allow me to update MUCH more effectively and have news posted quicker and more frequently. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know because I definitely want to hear them - I'll be fine tuning things as we go along so any feedback appreciated. Look around, grab some music, and check everything out!

There's also a bunch of music that's been in my shoebox forever so I thought I'd offer that out there to you...check out the "In The Meantime" volumes 1 & 2 that are available, both as downloads and as physical CD's. The brand new studio album, "My Wild Heart" is making it's way to the world this summer but, in the meantime (get it now?), I wanted to make sure you had some new stuff to listen to. Download them or getcha a hard copy! And another cool thing: you can use Paypal! So cool...

AND there are new T-SHIRTS! These are LIMITED EDITION M.D. shirts so get yours now...just hop on the site and they're right there on the front page. Or visit the "Store" section of the site.

Please, take a few moments to grab some of the new mp3's, the new albums, t-shirts; check out some of the videos and shows...and just see what there is to see. Rock on and thanks for listening!