Thursday, December 17, 2009

What You Need To Know About "Words & Music Nashville"

Did you know - 3 songs on "Words & Music Nashville" are up for "Song Of The Year" and Spirit Awards on Strictly-Country,com, competing against Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Jamey Johnson, and others?

Did you know - you can immediately download "Words & Music Nashville"?

Did you know - "Words & Music Nashville" is getting 5-star reviews on iTunes?

Did you know - proceeds from "Words & Music Nashville" are donated to help fight ALS?

What it comes down to is that you've got great music've got songs everyone who listens to are absolutely loving, and you've got an extremely worthy cause behind this album (especially for me - ALS hits very close to home) - so get one! Last year during the holidays, I gave pre-release copies of "Words & Music Nashville" to friends and family as gifts and I'm still hearing how much they listen to the CD. PLUS, it has my absolute favorite version of my song, "Home Free" on it so that's a plus!

At the very least, take a few minutes and listen to what these amazing artists have put together. You will not be disappointed. Happy Holidays and we'll see you soon!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Updates, Downdates and Dates You're Kinda Still On The Fence About...

Good morning/afternoon/evening to you! Figured I'd cover my time-of-day bases in case it changes while you're reading. Do we actually really know when morning becomes afternoon becomes evening? I do not. However, I DO know that:

My song "Home Free" was recently a nominee for "Song Of The Year" over with the folks at "Strictly Country", which I guess is Country Music's Most Diverse Magazine. Check out the ballot right here: I don't know what exactly will happen if you vote a bunch and "Home Free" actually wins something...they won't be making any movies about me or making my song the plot of the next Indiana Jones movie. But I think it's a cool song and I believe in it's the more ears getting to listen to it, the better! Just as long as it beats out "Green Bananas", I'll go bananas and mine will be a very normal yellow. So click now and VOTE AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT TO/CAN! Once again: And what the heck's in it for you?! Hmmm...good question. How about this... if we win, I will provide for you...

A NEW CAR!! Oh, no...sorry, Bob Barker, wrong game. But we do have some news and some of the letters spelling out the words included in the news bullet points can be rearranged to spell "c-a-r" so that's kinda cool. Start your engines:

- The new album will be finished this week!!! *Deep Sigh Of Relief*...*Long Fatigue-Induced Weep Of Exhaustion*...*Chills Of Excitement At How Badass it Is* We've still got a few months til official release but I'm hoping to get a little preview of it up very soon, either on the website or maybe even over on the phone line...

- Speaking of, there is a new M.D. Phone Line: 615-212-WOLF (9653). We have not done so yet but there will be song previews and snippets up there if you give it a quick call because, let's face it - I am not the best at writing these here emails in a timely manner. The suggestion was made to have something a little more available for you to check in on me and I liked the idea! You can even leave (Mom, stop reading for a few words) sexy messages and, my personal favorite...hate voicemail! Had my fairshare, always entertaining.

- There are also T-shirts available now! They aren't available at shows yet but we do have them online here. Looks like there's a mug or two, a hat, a pink spaghetti strap thing for the ladies, as well as the ultimate M.D. show-stopper: a red hoodie!!! We'll get some wine openers and shot glasses and have us a party.

- Also, we're still awaiting the release of "Right Now, Romeo" on the Rock Band Network. It was supposed to be active 12/09 but got delayed for some teckkie reason so we're still waiting on the official Rock Band word. It's been accepted though so, as soon as they have it online, I'll let you know and you can go download it. If you don't know the song, download the mp3 here and check it out!

So that's the news so far. I can't begin to convey how unbelievable this new music is going to be and how amazing everyone around me has been. I CANNOT WAIT for you to hear it! My producer and incredible friend, Greg Strizek, has taken the project under his pretective wing (as I knew he would) and helped me create some true magic. I am so excited that we are indeed, almost there.

So here is a HUGE Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, your family and loved ones, and to all of our military serving us everywhere. We wish you a safe return. See you soon...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

M.D. T-shirts are here...

You may have seen a tweet or two about some merch being available and guess is! I've personally designed a few items that you might like - check them out and grab something. Right now, they're ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE! So you're almost there - hop into these two stores:



THE BIZMO: (click on "T-shirts")

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mason Douglas and Blue Morning are now on Rock Band!

Mason Douglas (w/Blue Morning) are proud to make "Right Now, Romeo" on the Rock Band Network!! Available for download on all systems on December 9, 2009!! Pretty on the picture below:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

IMPORTANT! ALS Benefit show

Here's all the info you need to know! This is HUGELY important to me - this is the disease that afflicted my father for 6 years and ultimately took his life. PLEASE get your reservation and, at the very least, make a contribution: WWW.ALSA.ORG

Mason Douglas - Album Blog #3

Here's a quick sneak-peak of what was transpiring during the tracking of "Anything Can Happen". (Remember, they're scratch vocals - no suggestions allowed yet)... :)

Mason Douglas - Album Blog #2

A quick little tour of the rooms we took over for a few days...

Mason Douglas - Album Blog #1

Friday, August 28, 2009

Music City BBQ with Lainey Edwards

A few shots of the band before Lainey Edwards' set...pretty sweet! 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Winding down Day 1...

Sean, the official session photog, and some other lifeforms of awesomeness. And a lavalamp.

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Tracking along...

More pics...Greg Strizek, Brian Pruitt, Randy Kohrs, Brian Eckert all making appearances...

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Taking the "io" out of "studio"

Having an incredible time with a bunch of badasses. Freakin' rockin'...

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mason Douglas right to your phone...

OK, so blogs and emails aren't always extremely quick and/or condusive to breaking news or, in light of this, I'm excited to offer you a way to get Mason Douglas updates TEXTED right to your phone! It's safe (I don't see your number, you don't see mine), there are NO FEES at all, and you don't even have to create an account. All you do is stick your name, number, and service provider in the dohickey below and we are rocking! I promise, I will not spam, clutter, irritate, or dismuse your phone and lifestyle - this is just for show updates and other pertinant news in the world of Mason Douglas Music.

P.S. If you WANT to hear my inner ear workings and clutterings, make sure you find me on Twitter:

Friday, March 13, 2009

St. Patrick's Day will become St. Mason's Night. Ha!

A FREE full band show at the 169 Bar in NYC ( along with Aaron Brady (who freakin' ROCKS), and April Hamilton (whom I have yet to meet but has such extremely high rocking potential that I'm going to go ahead and say that she freakin' ROCKS too!).

Aaron and I wrote "What If I..." that on together so take a listen to that.

Be on the lookout for more news coming your way! Rock on...


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Places to go, people to see...

Yes, there are places to go but there seems to be only one person to! Whaaaat...not enough enticement in this world of immediate and domestic gratification?! OK, ok, let's see what else I can bring to the table...

How about some sexy ladies?! Check this one out:

Erik Halbig and I will try our best to bring some sexy back but the Jenny's will be doing most of the work in that aspect. PLUS, they can sing and rock your socks off. All there is is an $8 food/drink minimum but NO COVER! FREE SHOW! BEER AND FIREWOKS! Wait...maybe not that last one...

Moving on....

I'll be hitting the road over the next two weeks...

GEORGIA - March 6 & 7
If you're around Roswell, GA this weekend (just north of Atlanta), I'll be performing a songwriter event at the Swallow At The Hollow bar-b-q on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7 along with Cory Batten and Craig Monday. Details available at!

NEW YORK - March 17
And then it's onto New York City, NY for a special St. Patty's Day show on March 17th at the 169 Bar! This one will be awesome - a full band, my friends Aaron Brady, April Hamilton, and Mia Johnson opening up, and some good clean, dirty Irish fun in Chinatown. Can't wait! If you're in the area, make sure you come down for this one. Again, details at

So there are a few updates for you.


And hey - go become a fan on Facebook! It's quick if you just click here...

As always, THANK YOU! See you soon...